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Why U R Consultants

 U R Consultants offers a wide variety of custom approaches to campus hiring and works closely with each client to come up with a ‘right fit’ plan for campus. Every company is different and their campus strategies should be as well.  


What We Can Do For You

  With a comprehensive program, U R Consultants will enable you to bring in the right talent and ensure you have the right long term recruiting strategy to support the future pipeline of your company.  


The Team

Mark Broadfoot brings 20 years of experience in recruiting, from headhunting to hiring expertise to his passion for college recruiting. Mark has built, designed, and created some of the most cutting-edge ideas in recruiting. He can do the same for you. 

We Can Help You Stand Out

Campus Strategy

· Developing long- and short-term recruiting goals 

· Pinpointing the right campuses for recruiting 

· Leveraging campus relationships   

Internship Planning

· Building programs that offer learning opportunities for students to learn 

· Structuring future pipelines  

· Maximizing post-graduation job offer acceptance rates   

Rotational Program Development

· Minimizing turnover 

· Increasing acceptance of ‘top choice’ students 

· Communicating long-term value of the development program  

Application Process

· Developing application processes that is easy for students and potential hires 

· Streamlining post interview selection processes to enable quick decisions and offers 

· Ensuring interviewers are well trained and prepared  


· Defining brand recognition that will attract top talent 

· Prioritizing budget and time on the right programs and events 

· Developing the personality beyond the logo  

Published Articles

The Death of University Relations

Has the process changed?  Please read and share.


Before you post!

Companies,  before you post your job, think about it first. 


Students, before you hit submit

Students, be resume ready. 


Preparations today for summer Interns

 Summer interns will be arriving in two and half months, so now is the time to get ready. The time will pass quickly and putting off preparations will keep you from having a great summer. 


Land Acquisitions Manager Peregrine Energy Partners

"URC not only constructed an effective interview method for Peregrine, they also provided guidance throughout our hiring process and made sure that we had an efficient way to compare and contrast applicants. The resources he compiled for us will be used at Peregrine for all future hiring decisions. University Recruiting Consultants added lasting value to our company.”

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